Timber Frame Construction Coatbridge

Timber Frame Construction Coatbridge

Timber frame construction is a long-established build method in Coatbridge and across Scotland. Over 85% of homes in the developed world have been built using this method of construction. We are the specialists when it comes to timber frame construction Coatbridge.

Timber frame construction is rapidly rising in popularity for domestic housing in Coatbridge, notably due to the inherent benefits associated with this method of construction. Speed, quality, flexibility, sustainability and the ease in which greater thermal performance can be achieved, make our timber frame construction in Coatbridge a supreme building method. Speak to the experts today, call Structural Timber on 01294 274488

From design to installation, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Our timber frame solutions in Coatbridge offer a speedy, cost-effective and energy-efficient offsite construction method

Timber Frame Construction Coatbridge Experts

Structural Timber specialises in the production of high-quality open panel pre-insulated timber frame construction systems.

Offsite Manufacturing Speed – Production speed is often a large factor in any construction project. Utilising our timber frame construction Coatbridge service will save you time and money.

Erection Speed – Due to timber frame construction often being a quicker method of framing, any other forms of work can be executed sooner, which can lead to overall project goals being completed sooner.

Flexibility – Timber frame construction offers the freedom to offer a bespoke method of erection, customised to a client’s needs and requirements.

Lightweight – Due to the nature of materials used, timber frame construction is an extremely lightweight method for a variety of projects in Coatbridge. This lowers the use of mechanical lifting, therefore further lowering costs.

Cost-efficient – More economical to manufacture and to erect, positively impacting total build costs. From early planning phases, down to finishing touches, our timber frame construction Coatbridge helps you save in many ways.

Sustainable – Structural Timber use the highest quality materials from the best sources available. Our raw timber materials are sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests and have lower embodied carbon than other composite materials.

Quality – Each member of our team are highly trained and experienced to ensure our service is always delivered with to exceptional standards. Each step of the installation process is held in high regard.

Timber Frame Construction Coatbridge Design

Our highly skilled in-house design team will work with you to create a beautiful and structurally sound timber frame construction. We combine our 40 years of industry experience and knowledge with modern design technologies to draw up accurate plans, offering you a visual representation of how the structure will look.

When it comes to innovative ideas, we have an eye for design that separates us from the competition. We draw upon our years of experience to design a solution that will meet and even exceed your expectations. If you have any questions about what we do or the services that we offer, call us today on 01294 274488. 


Sourcing & Manufacturing

We are specialists in the manufacture of structural timber frames. Our Coatbridge team have the equipment, infrastructure, experience and skills to manufacture complex timber frame designs to an extremely high quality. 

Our reputation speaks for itself as we have had countless happy clients since we began trading in 1982. We can manufacture a wide range of designs for projects large and small, taking all requirements into account for complete customer satisfaction.

Timber Frame Construction Irvine Installation

As soon as our off-site manufacture is complete, we deliver the materials and begin the installation process. As we cover design, manufacturing and the installation process for the construction of timber frames, we ensure high quality and attention to detail throughout.

The timber frame panels are rapidly erected on-site and in many cases, a weatherproof building can be created in just a few days. This enables work to continue in sheltered conditions within the building whilst the outer cladding and roof finishes are applied. You’ll not only save time but also decoration can be carried out soon after completion, without risk of cracking and deterioration of finishes. Speak to the experts today, call us for timber frame construction Coatbridge: 01294 274488.