Timber Construction for Architects and Builders

Welcome to Structural Timber Frame, where you can get timber construction for architects and builders. Our team have the equipment, infrastructure, experience and skills to manufacture complex timber frame designs to an extremely high quality.


When it comes to timber construction for architects and builders, our reputation speaks for itself as we have had countless happy clients since we began trading in 1982. Our timber frame designers and manufacturers have a wide range of designs for projects large and small, taking all requirements into account for complete customer satisfaction.

From design to installation, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Our timber frame solutions in Ayr offer a speedy, cost-effective and energy-efficient offsite construction method

What we can supply

As an established timber frame designer, manufacturer and installer, we can complete timber construction for architects and builders on external wall panels from 89mm up to 195mm thick, and up to 3m high and 4.8m long. We also have the capability to pre-insulate external wall panels with rigid insulation boards to meet the requirements of any specification.

Our floor panels are manufactured with a choice of structural members from traditional softwood joists or I-joists. For common spans or for more open plan style buildings we use metal web joists or laminated beams to achieve longer spans. If required, we can also produce roof panels similar to our floor panels. However, the vast majority of our roofs are made from our own prefabricated roof trusses.

Who do we help?

We often work with builders and building contractors, making sure that they get the timber they need for their projects. Although helping builders is what we primarily do, we have also worked with architects and avid DIY enthusiasts! 

We are more than experienced in working with people for all different types of building and landscaping needs in Central Scotland.

Why choose our timber construction for architects and builders with Structural Timber Frame?

Being in the industry since 1982, we have come across many obstacles along our journey and are extremely experienced within our niche. Our business stands apart from the rest with its family values at our core – we care about each and every one of our customers, big and small.


While our products are made from quality timber, we are known for providing cost-effective solutions from start to finish. Supplying great quality timber is our first and foremost priority, but we are also able to competently deal with complex projects, such as highly urbanised areas with minimal access. 


We are CHAS accredited, TRA members and UKCA marked.


Contact our friendly timber frame building suppliers today to discuss all stages of the timber frame construction process, such as the design, manufacture and installation of timber frame structures.



    We build and create timber frame designs. After your designs have been finalised, Structural Timber Frame can begin to construct your project and bring your ideas to life.

    This process is included with every timber frame project, both big and small, and takes everything into account to ensure our customers are satisfied with their timber frame structure. 


    At Structural Timber Frame, we have the ability and experience to manufacture wall panels, roof panels, open plan buildings, floor panels and roof trusses. Whatever timber frames your project requires, Structural Timber Frame will manufacture them for you.

    All timber frame designs are constructed by our in-house team. Their years of experience, along with the necessary equipment and infrastructure, allows them to complete all projects given to them at Structural Timber Frame to an extremely high standard. 


    Timber frame structures are built using precision engineering and pre-fabricated components. Each component is perfectly measured and cut to fit your design, ensuring your timber frame structure is as sturdy as possible.

    The price of timber is often lower than other common building materials, such as brick. Timber is a relatively cheap building material and can be quite cost-effective during construction.

    It’s not only versatile, meaning it can be clad in almost any building material, but timber frame construction is often a quicker process. If your project is completed with a timber frame structure, you won’t only save on the cost of building materials, but also on the cost of labour.

    The main advantage of timber frame construction is that the material is very easy to work with, allowing for more flexibility and complicated designs when using timber frame structures. Timber is also relatively cost-effective, reducing manufacturing costs and encouraging further investment in larger timber frame structures. 


    As one of the most eco-friendly building materials, timber is a popular choice for many. It is a non-toxic and organic material, with the lowest embodied C02 of any building material.

    Different types of timber can be used for timber frame manufacture, including: 

    • Teak
    • Oak
    • Pine
    • Redwood
    • Cedar
    • Spruce

    Certain timbers are best suited to different structures, with softwoods like Cedar better suited to outdoor projects. Structural Timber Frame will inform you of the timber we are using for your project, and will work with you to bring your design to life.