Our Products

CLS or C24 timber frame wall panels clad with OSB(3) sheathing panels and a breathable membrane manufactured offiste in a semi-automated frame maker to meet the requirements of any specification.

We can manufacture external wall panels from 89mm up to 195mm thick up to 3m high and 4.8m long. We can also pre-insulate external wall panels with rigid insulation boards to meet the requirements of any specification.

Our floor panels are manufactured with a choice of structural members from traditional softwood joists or I-joists for common spans or for more open plan style buildings we use metalweb joists or laminated beams to achieve longer spans. The floor panels are decked out with either an OSB sub deck or a weather proofed P5 chipboard flooring.

Our roof solution is typically a crane erected frame that is built on site using our prefabricated roof trusses as the structural components and lifted into position using prefabricated lifting beams. However, we can also manufacture roof panels similarly to our floor panels.We also include the roof sarking, felt, counter battens, ventilation systems, fascias and soffits to finish off our offer.