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Wall Panels

This sustainable construction method involves CLS timber frame panels nailed with OSB sheathing, ensuring structural integrity and good environmental credentials. OSB(3) sheathing enhances robustness and helps with the onsite positioning of thermal insulation, to form an energy-efficient solution.

Our offsite manufacturing also adds breathable membranes onto the OSB sheathing to stop moisture entering the completed structure from the cavity.  Timber frame wall construction helps speed up entry of follow-on trades and also reduces onsite waste from premanufacturing precise panels offsite.  CLS timber wall panels are manufactured in sizes to suit each project and range from 89mm to 140mm thick with dimensions up to 2.7m in height and 4.8m in length.

This solution of premanufacturing is a modern method of construction, enhancing strength, insulation, efficiency, and sustainability.

These OSB clad panels are also a well established method of construction in Scotland and are adaptable to suit ever changing building regulations and technical standards.

Floor Panels

Introducing our composite floor panels, a precision engineered combination of OSB or chipboard flooring glued and nailed to I-joists. Providing a safe working platform on houses within 1 hour of the first panels being craned into position.  With a peel clean chipboard flooring deck it can also act as a finished floor deck on houses.

With dimensions up to 2.7m wide and 12m long, we can make a wide range of panels to suit very complex floor layouts. The architectural specification can either be a 15mm OSB sub deck or a 22mm peel clean chipboard finished floor depending on the client’s needs. These panels enhance construction speed with precise premanufacturing, minimising errors and costs.

Roofing Solutions

Our advanced roofing method reduces the risk of working at height. On-site assembly of the roof modules integrate all structural elements along with fascias, soffits and roof coverings if required.  Our pre-manufactured roof trusses and spandrel wall panels are the main components and these are assembled onto a timber wall plate located on the foundation slab, to ensure accuracy, and joined together with builders metalwork and timber bracing to form the structural roof modules.

Often our clients will ask us to supply and install fascia and soffit boards to the eaves.  Additionally they may ask us to install the roofing felt and/ or counter battens and sarking, pending the clients requirements. Overall this is a precise, robust solution that minimises working at height.

Prefabricated roof truss and spandrel panel components align with our commitment to modern methods of construction.  Once the roof module is craned into position the roofing contractor can then get to work with fixing the battens and tiles.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Products

    Timber frame wall panels are prefabricated components used in construction, consisting of wooden framing elements such as studs, sheathing, and insulation. These panels are manufactured off-site to precise specifications and can be quickly erected on-site to form exterior or interior walls. Timber frame wall panels contribute to efficient construction, energy efficiency, and design flexibility.

    Timber frame floor panels are pre-engineered components used to construct building floors. They consist of wooden joists or beams, sub flooring, and insulation, all assembled off-site for precision. Unlike traditional flooring systems, timber frame floor panels offer faster installation, enhanced structural performance, and may incorporate advanced insulation materials for improved energy efficiency. These panels contribute to a streamlined construction process and can accommodate various floor designs and finishes.

    Yes, Timber Frame Floor Panels can support a variety of floor finishes, including hardwood, laminate, tile, or carpet. The panels provide a sturdy and even surface for different floor coverings, allowing for design flexibility and customisation according to the project’s aesthetic requirements.

    If you are interested in our timber frame Products, don’t hesitate to contact Structural Timber Frame for more information on our timber frame solutions.

    Timber frame floor panels often include insulation materials to enhance energy efficiency. Common options include fibreglass, foam board, or other environmentally friendly insulating materials. These choices help regulate temperature and contribute to a comfortable indoor environment.