Our new Combilift is here


11 August 2020

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In August we received our first Combilift vehicle from DGP Materials Handling for our factory in Irvine. This vehicle replaced a traditional forklift truck and is proving to be a great addition to our site vehicles.

This is due to the simple multidirectional movement it offers. It allows us to manoeuvre both raw materials and finished goods much more easily in and around the saws, the presses and and also the manufacturing tables.

These production areas are fairly tight spaces where traditional side loaders or fork lift trucks need to carry out multiple manoeuvres to access and drop off or uplift product. The Combilift can pivot 360 degrees on it’s central axis or rotate on it’s back wheel 360 degrees.

This is the vehicle’s primary benefit as it allows it to manoeuvre easily with limited surrounding access. Given the efficiency and flexibility it has already provided us we highly recommend Combilift.