Introducing the Hundegger Turbo-Drive


11 September 2020

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During September our Hundegger Turbo-Drive arrived on site. This saw is becoming widely known as the best saw of its generation for cutting truss and timber frame material. The speed and accuracy at which it cuts is second to none.

This allows us to produce more volume and of a higher quality standard. Due to the accuracy of the cut timber the tolerances in all the timber joints, both in our finished roof trusses and timber frame panels, are zero millimetres.

The benefit of this is multi faceted as it makes it quicker for us to assemble and press our roof trusses and also frame and nail our wall panels as there is no need to make final adjustments in order for components to fit exactly together.

Additionally the finished product that we then send out to the building site pieces together in exacting dimensions in accordance with the building plans. Furthermore whenever there is any technical issues with the saw that we are unable to resolve internally there is excellent remote back up from Hundegger’s base in Germany.

The Hundegger support staff can dial into the machine and using mobile camera technology normally resolve issues immediately or identify any parts requiring replaced allowing us to resume production with minimal interruption.