As soon as our off-site manufacture is complete, we deliver the materials and begin the installation process. Thanks to Structural Timber Frame’s effective design and manufacturing stages, as well as our professional team of joiners and contract managers, this typically takes less than a week per plot (dependent on design) without any compromise of safety or quality.


The timber frame panels are rapidly erected on site and in many cases a weather proof building can be created in just a few days. This enables work to continue in sheltered conditions within the building whilst the outer cladding and roof finishes are applied. This not only saves time but also allows decoration to be carried out soon after completion of the construction without risk of cracking and deterioration of finishes.


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    Installation FAQs

    Timber frames are installed with the help of Structural Timber Frame’s experienced and highly skilled installation team. This team will deliver the materials to the desired site, and begin the erection of your timber frame structure. Due to the flexibility of timber, panels can be rapidly erected in just a few days, creating a weatherproof building. This stage allows construction to continue, despite the weather. 

    We aim for your timber frame structure to be complete as quickly as possible, and within our estimated time frame.

    Timber frame installation is the third stage of the Structural Timber Frame process, and follows after the design and manufacture stages. Timber frame installation consists of installing your structure within the desired location, with the help of our installation team. Your structure will be erected without compromising quality or safety. 

    The cost of timber frame installation is included within our timber frame solutions service, taking into account both the design and manufacture stages. The cost of your timber frame structure as a whole will depend on: 

    • The size of your structure
    • The details of the design
    • The materials used

    The bigger your timber frame structure, the more it will cost to create. However, with Structural Timber Frame we aim to keep our prices low and our installation cost-effective for all customers. Get in touch with us for more information on our prices, or for a quote.

    The length of time it takes to install your timber frame structure depends on the size of the project itself, and the level of detail included in the design. Some timber frame structures will take longer to complete than others, and some may be relatively quick to install. 

    At Structural Timber Frame, we will provide you with an estimated date of completion and will work with you to complete the installation by this date. Should your project experience any delays, we will keep you informed.

    There are many reasons why installing a timber frame is beneficial to you and your project. Timber is a relatively low-cost material and is often quick to erect, which can save both time and money. Installing a timber frame is also an eco-friendly alternative to other building materials, as timber is non-toxic to the environment and contains the lowest embodied C02 of any building material. 

    Installing a timber frame allows for more insulation than structures made from brick, as timber has naturally insulating properties. With less energy needed to heat or cool your timber frame structure, less fossil fuel needs to be used.

    Timber frame installation is the third stage in the Structural Timber Frame process, and commences after the completion of the design and manufacture stages. This stage consists of building your timber frame structure to the exact specifications of the original design. The construction is completed with a team of timber frame installation specialists, using their years of experience to safely and efficiently complete your timber frame structure. 

    If you are interested in timber frame installation, don’t hesitate to contact Structural Timber Frames for more information on our timber frame solutions.