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14 Apr

What is Timber Frame Construction? Understanding the Basics

Timber frame construction is a time-honoured building method that endures through the ages, maintaining its relevance and popularity in modern construction practices. Essentially, it revolves around erecting the foundational framework of a building utilising wooden beams and posts, resulting in a robust and enduring structure. We explore further into the intricacies of timber frame construction, […]

15 Mar

Is Timber Frame Installation Right for You? Here’s How to Decide

For centuries, humanity has relied on timber for building strong, beautiful structures. Timber frame construction, a technique that uses massive beams and posts joined with traditional carpentry methods, brings a unique blend of beauty and functionality to the structure. But with modern construction techniques readily available, is timber frame installation right for your next project? […]

30 Jan

How Timber Homes Boost Wellness and Finding the Best Timber Frame Suppliers

For centuries, humans have built their homes with wood. Timber frame construction, a method that uses heavy timbers joined together with traditional carpentry techniques, has stood the test of time, creating sturdy, beautiful, and enduring structures. But beyond aesthetics and longevity, living in a timber frame home offers a surprising range of health benefits. Beyond […]

29 Nov

8 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Structure Timber Frame Manufacturer

Selecting the right timber frame manufacturer is a crucial decision that can greatly impact the success of your project. With a plethora of options available in the market, it can be daunting to make a decision. However, by considering certain factors, you can ensure that you partner with a reliable and reputable timber frame manufacturer. […]

31 Jan

The Advantages of Timber Frame Construction

Timber frame construction is fast becoming the preferred method of building homes in the UK and Ireland. It has many advantages over traditional concrete builds, but there are still some disadvantages to be aware of.  If you want to know more about the advantages of timber frame construction, get in touch with Structural Timber Frame […]

22 Feb

Is Brick and Block Cheaper than Timber Frame?

The physical operations of building or landscaping, as well as other associated activities such as demolition and site clearance, are all included in the building construction process.

13 Aug

7 Advantages of Timber Frame Designs

Timber is a naturally sourced material and is popular in small-scale construction projects.

25 Mar

National Health and Safety Awards

Structural Timber Frame are delighted to have been recognised as a partner to Lovell at their award winning site.

24 Mar

30m Timber Storage Racking Installed

We've installed thirty metres of covered timber storage racking this month in our yard at Roof Profiles to free up yard space at our facility.

11 Sep

Introducing the Hundegger Turbo-Drive

During September our Hundegger Turbo-Drive arrived on site. This saw is becoming widely known as the best saw of its generation for cutting truss and timber frame material.