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Our in-house design team lead the way in innovation and attention to detail



We work with high quality materials to manufacture industry leading products



With full installation your structural timber frames will be built to last


We Have a Reputation For Excellence

Being a privately operated company that entered the realm of timber frame construction back in 1982, we have built a solid reputation for excellence throughout the years.


Our deep-rooted knowledge of the industry and our expertise in timber frame construction are unparalleled. Consequently, we are well-equipped to tackle intricate projects and deliver outstanding results as expert suppliers.


Our core values are rooted in family traditions. We are dedicated to upholding the same high standards of service that we have consistently provided for the past four decades.


We’ve seamlessly moulded our extensive experience with modern technologies within our manufacturing facility, creating a cohesive connection between design, production, and timber frame construction. This commitment shines through in the top-notch structural timber frame buildings we bring to life, from inception to completion.


Design, manufacture and installation of professional structural timber frames

From design to installation, we will bring your vision to life.

As timber frame suppliers, we offer a speedy, cost-effective and energy-efficient offsite construction method


Sustainable Timber Roof Construction

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What is Timber Frame Construction? Understanding the Basics

Timber frame construction is a time-honoured building method that endures through the ages, maintaining its relevance and popularity in modern construction practices. Essentially, it revolves around erecting the foundational framework of a building utilising wooden beams and posts, resulting in a robust and enduring structure. We explore further into the intricacies of timber frame construction, […]

Is Timber Frame Installation Right for You? Here’s How to Decide

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  • We have been in the industry since 1982.
  • We are privately run suppliers with family values at our core.
  • Established reputation for high-quality products and service.
  • Structural Timber Frame is known for providing cost-effective solutions from start to finish.
  • CHAS accredited including our installation teams.
  • Able to competently deal with complex projects, such as in highly urbanised areas with minimal site access.
  • We combine experience with modern technology in our manufacturing facility to create a seamless link between design, manufacture and installation.
  • Long established relationship with key timber frame construction suppliers:
    o VIDA
    o SODRA
    o MiTek
  • UKCA


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